Helsby Bluegrass Club

Helsby Bluegrass Club - we love it, you will too!

  • Come on down, it’s great fun!
  • Bring your instrument (you just need the chords of G, C, D to start with...) or just listen if you prefer.
  • Go on - we welcome beginners, it’s all about learning through playing...!
  • All bluegrass instruments welcome (guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, bass).
  • The Evening is led, it’s not an open mike,  you’re normally given an idea of the chords and its OK - noone will be listening to your bum notes...
  • Everyone‘s learning, so other folks are friendly and supportive.
  • Held at Helsby Sports Club, kicks off 8.30 pm every Thursday.
  • Website: helsbybluegrassclub.com.

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